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Found 5 results

  1. Back in PoE1 I ended up naming my character Alon, not knowing about Aloth. It was confusing enough that I accidentally renamed it to Aloth in PoE2, since the save import does not carry your name over. About 6 hrs in when I met the real guy I realized my mistake. I'm pretty sure I found exactly where that data is saved, but any attempt to edit it will be reverted next time I launch/load the game. Any help? I'm not above using a save editor or console commands, just really do not want to restart, especially with that slow intro. Edit: at this point I bit the bullet and restarted. Also, it appears that's not the proper location, as that's just the most recent save file, meaning all of them are stored elsewhere.
  2. What device type are you on? Android What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4.2 What model is the device? Galaxy Tab 3 What is your PFID#? BA43D572CEA1B0BA I have never signed into a game using Google Play, so when I downloaded the game and attempted to wha I thought was sign into my Gogle Play account, it used the name that was provided to me. Of course, I didn't like that name, so I found I could change it in the Google Play services. I changed it to something I liked, but now the game continues to show the name that I was originally given, rather than the name I chose. I have deleted my Google Play Games profile multiple times, emptied the cache, reinstalled the game, but it still shows the original Google Play Name. I'm not sure if it is a Google Play problem or a PACG problem. Any help?
  3. When in the character creation window, you can't use the left cursor or right cursor key on your keyboard to go to a wrongly typed character. You have to delete all characters to get there. It is a small issue, I know, but please fix it, would be grateful, and others would, they just don't know it yet. By the way, the game is super awesome, bought it today:)
  4. The name has been leaked (source)! I fear this topic may violate the NO SPOILERS rule, but the truth has to come out!
  5. So there is one thing that's been really bothering me lately. In every game that we can name our characters and NPCs have voice actors, NPCs will always refer to the player character as "you" or another title but never with either the first or last name.This most notable and ridicilus when your character's buddy, father, other family member, romantic interest, rival refer to the pc like that. This, combined with how much better and natural it feels playing games like the witcher or alpha protocol, which have predetermined pcs, has me dislike games that go half way(including voice acting but not a full player character name). Considering that this game will have roots in games that mostly lacked voice acting, I would be willing to sacrifice voice acting just to see npcs that should know and by extend have enough familiarity with my pc to refer to them by his or hers first or last name when appropriate. As long as I don't go blind by how small the text is at least. Would others be willing to sacrifice voice acting of NPCs, just to have that sense that their character is an actual person in that world, and not have stupid situations where the poeple closest to your character, refer to him like the soldiers hailing their Knight-Captain/"Shepard"?
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