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  1. Sigh... plus one to this. Just leveled up once after having to restart and now the PC is also Eder. Might have been related to putting Eder in the first portrait slot, as I did not do that last time through.
  2. Back in PoE1 I ended up naming my character Alon, not knowing about Aloth. It was confusing enough that I accidentally renamed it to Aloth in PoE2, since the save import does not carry your name over. About 6 hrs in when I met the real guy I realized my mistake. I'm pretty sure I found exactly where that data is saved, but any attempt to edit it will be reverted next time I launch/load the game. Any help? I'm not above using a save editor or console commands, just really do not want to restart, especially with that slow intro. Edit: at this point I bit the bullet
  3. Did something go wrong in an update for this? When launching the game I get a popup for the Rum Runners DLC (complete with Temp Title in the banner box) but the game is now completely broken. Unable to load any save or start a new game. On steam, with explorers pack, season pass, gaun's pledge. Edit for some pics. What it looks like when I launch the game: https://i.imgur.com/xTwPBAk.jpg Where it gets stuck trying to load a save: https://imgur.com/a/P9ciQif Second edit: as of the next morning looks like the Rum Runners popup is gone, and the game is work
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