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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I hope it's good subforum to ask this question. Apologies if it's not. I have a question regarding minimal requirements for the graphics: I remember when I was checking this information literally 3-4 days ago the requirements for graphics for Mac were described as: so I added PoE to my GoG shopping cart (didn't buy it yet, fortunately?). However, when I checked it again today when I wanted to actually buy it, that's what I saw: which, from what I can see, both are "a bit" more powerful than HD 4000. I verified that information in Obsidian shop - it says the same I checked that game authors were explicitly saying some time ago that this game will be working on integrated graphics - they mentioned that in their emails to Kickstarter backers (e.g. see http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=491414&highlight=obsidian&page=65 - "We are really going to work to get the integrated graphics chips to run the game well - and not just on the lowest setting") - isn't that the case anymore? Is there anyone here who had a chance to play beta using integrated graphics? How did that work for you? Or anyone that can tell that HD 4000 isn't far enough from the two mentioned GPUs to worry about it (while I think it is)? The only information I found so far about it is a single guy's short comment on that (see http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70291-frame-rate-discussion/?hl=%2Bintel+%2B4000&do=findComment&comment=1566363 ): "(...) but the performance is definitely worse on my Intel HD4000 computer, though, as I said, it's still playable" in response to one of the PoE's dev saying "We haven't done any performance optimizations yet. Today, Roby is looking into optimizing factions that might help in larger areas with lots of baddies/people.". I was really looking forward to playing PoE on my Macbook (it's i7 2.9GHz, 8 GB RAM, SSD, but only HD 4000 inside... I'm not a gamer anymore, but I miss Baldur's Gate and other Infinity Engine RPGs a lot ;-) ), but now I wonder if I'll be able to play at all... So, should I buy it or should I just forget about it?
  2. I want to report an issue that I've experienced with both this beta, and the wasteland 2 beta in the past: My computer gradually becomes more unresponsive the longer the client is running untill it freezes completely, forcing me to shut down the computer via the power button. I could start the game fine (it felt like the startup time was longer than it should though), and edit my preferences, but once I got to character creation I would notice that mouse movement and button clicks would register slowly, and incorrectly (the mouse did not move precisely to my input). Switching to another window at this point could not be achieved by ALT + TAB, forcing me to use CTRL + ALT + DELETE to get to my desktop. At my desktop, things would respond as normal for a time, but after a few minutes browsing the internet, this too would lag horribly before becoming entirely unresponsive. At this point, the music from the game would hang up, as if playing the same fraction of the track over and over again. I tried to wait it out for a few minutes, but this state did not change, so I decided to restart. System details: I'm running this on a Dell XPS laptop with 8GB RAM, an i7-2729QM Intel CPU(4 cores, 2.2GHz), a Geforce GT 555M GPU, and running the Windows 7 operating system (Home premium edition) Solution: It turns out that the system was not taking advantage of the graphics card, but using the integrated solution on the CPU. Changing this setting seems to have resolved the main issue. I'm still creating the thread so that others with the same problem can be informed.
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