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  1. I've been thinking some weather or not I'm addicted, and the back of my head always says,"No, you're not," lol. Which is party right, but party also false.... The thing with me is, when I get really into a video games, it takes me 100%. I neglect everything else until I finish it or until I get bored with it - sometimes the boredom kicks in fast, and other times, It drags on for a very, very long time.... It started before I even got to school I think. I played the first tomb raider game, along with some pokemon ones (first games I recall playing anyhow), and I even asked my mom to make me a braid everyday just so I can look like the character I'm playing (Lara), but also, I climbed on top of things like I'd do with her, walked and ran weirdly (like she did in the first game lol, and no, i didn't do it all the time XD) but it was all just play pretend, and my parents found it funny lol....also, I kinda may have finger banged ppl pretending I have 2 guns. XDDD Video games haven't really ruined my life like with many other examples, and if you asked me if I regret playing anything....well, no. I honestly don't. Because I was having a good time with em'. Though, it did get to a point where I didn't even want to go out much (and I'm still at that point at times lol), because I'd rather play vid games. And when I did /do go out, my mind often wanders into the fantasy or sci-fi setting, and the fictional characters I made. xD Also, when my rents' were divorcing, It was kinda like..I only got really upset once I noticed he's taking the PC with him. xDDD I really dislike the Sims series now, but when I was around 12, I loved the second game and played it so much I neglected my school work, and even skipped school or played sick at times. xDD Kinda sounds like i'm a psychopath lol. Not caring bout' that the divorce. But I think, it was just cuz' I was in my own world. Since forever. In early school, the teachers even wrote that down in my ..idk what you call it, that piece of paper you get by the end of the school year, that has your grades on as well as (in 1-3d grade) what kind of a personality you have? Ya. It always said 'Tanja is in her own world...' lol. Again though, since I do have my moments when I'm not addicted, I wouldn't say I am addicted. Just at times lol. Plus, I don't regret my decisions, which is great! ----) Anyhow, what about you? Has the thought that you may be an 'addict' ever crossed your mind...?
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