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Found 1 result

  1. Short: POTD, direct route to Gorecci street after clearing the beach. No spending gold (except crafting), no free bonuses, no cheese. BIG HEAD MODE MANDATORY! Complex rules: - POTD , upscaling only - NO BLESSINGS! NO DLC items / Collectors Edition / Console command pets (only the astral pig is okay for roleplaying reasons!). - benevolent backstory! but DO NOT USE HYLEAS BOUNTY! - pick up Eder and Xoti whenever you like! - (allowed to) full clear everything on the beach! (including the cave) - Stay on the route to port maje, you are only allowed to take what you can see from the road (ale and fresh fruit) - NO TALKING to anyone that isnt on the beach OR directly related to the gorecci quest (i.e. the woman in the prison who gives you the quest). - You are allowed to LOOT everything u can in the main area of port maje (i didnt go into the tavern or into the mayors house) but DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE THAT ISNT REQUIRED (for the things mentioned above)! - This means NO recruiting, NO buying items! ONLY LOOT (+crafting!)! - You HAVE to hard engage the entire group at the well! (NO pulling half of them! NO kiting around walls!) You may stealth into position / move (since they dont aggro right away) Screen of the difficulty: https://ibb.co/krBAwo ^This puts you at level 2 with some drugs,pots and food. FINISHED WITH: Moon Godlike Kind Wayfarers Paladin+Drug Monk multiclass (named Gorecci), Xoti monk/priest , Eder fighter https://ibb.co/dH312T Finished Fight: https://ibb.co/dDsYGo So the setup i used was around the wizard who just HAS to die instantly, in fact i HAD to hit the first knockdown as well since his 1 cast is jolting touch which just fks you up. Setup: https://ibb.co/mES0wo On my first try i got an insane roll as well https://ibb.co/eeNuNT hitting for 49 damage but still ended up dying because the fighters ended up blocking the way down and that ONE bloody archer just deleted me... Eder got instagibbed on my 2nd try but thanks to his op armor passive i got to push thru AND Got past the fighters while taking only a few disengage attacks and the archer https://ibb.co/hSJqwo Still almost fked up my main character in 2 hits https://ibb.co/htjkU8 But after the archer was dead and my party was still pretty alive it was just easy cleanup as seen on top. https://ibb.co/dDsYGo Items used: Ripple sponge (crafted) was the mvp imo. +15%dmg -5% speed drug on eder, the interrupt drug on xoti though i didnt see any interrupts and would probably have prefered svef. A bunch of pots (like 3 in a row on xoti while she was solo tanking the 2 fighters while my other 2 chars were dealing with the last archer). and then some Stun bombs (20% chance to hit on 4 ppl gave me like 1 graze/hit each of the 2 times i used them. Probably not using those again... Food: Grog on MC and fresh fruit on xoti and eder TAKE THE CHALLENGE AND SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE/BUILD GIT GUD
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