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  1. how about I'm stuck inside the raedric keep forevermore? sufficiently unfinished????
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/et8o7cw0xstg28k/AAAuwE1GH6zREtoghVW8UeOZa?dl=0 Here are my save and my diax, I have the worst bug: inside the keep forever. Pls help.
  3. Just like that, I cannot go to the outside world, I'm stuck inside Raedric hold, and I cant beat Raedric cause he's too stronk and I have a weak party. I destroyed BG. BG2, NWN, NWN2, P:T, and with ease at difficulties for veterans, because I'm stronk. Tho. A weak party means you have to go to other places before you can beat the quest... but I can't. I go outside and I get the black screen with cursor, then crash. My PC is a Win 7 64 bit 32g ram GTX 970, and it seems the same bug killed other ppl's game. Please, fix it quickly... first time I bought a game to not play it because of some a
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