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  1. Received the same bug on my PC after fighting specters and shades in Lhe a Rhemen. You can't get it off, but at least it doesn't give any real effects. I will try to receive blinded from enemies once more, and then dispel it, see what it does.
  2. On hard, with a chanter with low accuracy, and only support chants & invocations, I could beat up solo the three wolves, bandits & xaurip from Valewood (with the use of potions & Gaun's pledge ring). It was loooong fight, invocations were key to victory.
  3. I've searched on the internet and the forums for an answer, but didn't find anything 'bout my question. So here it is : Is the a time limit on quests, particularly companions quests (BG I'm looking at you)?
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