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  1. Same issue, not interested in fidgeting with save files. I paid for a full and functioning game just like everyone else here. Seriously though, no dev/mod has bothered to post anything in this thread? Here I was hoping Obsidian had done away with that ghost from the past. Was loving the game so far, but this (especially the lack of feedback from Obsidian) is just a major minus on their count.
  2. Please Obsidian, give out our keys. I want to be staring at a countdown clock on Steam for at the VERY least 24 hours straight.
  3. I'd opt for in-beta bug report tooling, allowing you to make an immediate code dump onto Obsidian's server, including tester description and possible screenshots. Seen this work in another (can't seem to recall which game's) beta, and it was a dream!
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