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  1. So this topic has been on my mind. And I feel silly that my first post will be in this topic. About Eder, who was one of my favorite characters in the games. Like I love Obsidian, I still love Pillars and will still play them and love the fandom. This fandom is a wonderful and fun place But I would have to say this treatment to the Eder fans especially who wanted to romance him, its a kick in the stomach. Like I would get he moved on and met someone but the person was the lady from the books who told him to move on. I think the rejections were harsh especially on Orlans. It felt like that fear when you get into a fandom and love a pairing only to be mocked about it and insulted. It really upsets me because artist friends (who were Eder fans) helped out the fig with basically drawing and posting art everyday to help get to the romance breaking goal and they super passionate and also their art is seen on the Obsidian twitch channel often and loved. A good bit of it was Eder/Watcher art. It feels like an insult to them and to add injury to the insult after the game was released and the Eder unromancable was known their watcher/Eder implied fan art is still seen on the streams. Like I am not saying fans should be entitled and they should get what they want but I feel like how this was handled was very upsetting. Having him not a romance is okay but having it done like this is not okay. Sorry for the rant. I still love everyone and hope for the best
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