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  1. Well, I respect your opinion but I COMPLETELY disagree! Sure TSL added a few nice tweaks to the play system but that's about it... I think KOTOR has MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more replay value than TSL! Let's consider the characters for a moment: Not as many in KOTOR, but they all had a purpose, they all had quests that fleshed them out, they were well acted, written and executed. In TSL the characters, for the most part, have NO quests to help develop them, their dialogue is circular and non-sensical and as far as I can see, most of them contribute NOTHING to the story in any way. I really can't overstate how BAD the dialogue in this game is! It reminds me of poorly written and incompetently translated Anime! It just goes on and on and on.... most of the time contradicting itself and making no sense at all. And as for side quests in TSL... Where are they? Really, if I missed them, please let me know!
  2. Contentwise, does this game suck or what? <-- I really dig this smiley.
  3. John Morgan is an Ass. Prod. After buying this game, I definitely feel my ass was prodded...
  4. That is cool. We all have different tastes when it comes to entertainment, some people actually liked KotOR 2, but I would download the demo before I wrote it off totally. The only reason I ever tried the game was because it was recommended and I am glad I did. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree! Try the demo before you write the game off! The demo contains one full length mission with a pretty cool hero (Tombstone) and a really tough boss (Fortissimo)... Also you can play online multi-player games with the demo. Definitely worth the download! Get the demo here!
  5. Hey if you want to play a NEW game, try Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich it actually WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While you're at it, cruse the bargain bin and get Freedom Force too! Those are great games by a developer that CARES about making QUALITY games for PC.... Lotsa mods too! Find GOOD PC games here!
  6. <_< Hmm, dance eh? I prefer to express my pain through the medium of burning things... other people's things.
  7. It's the ONLY driver that worked for me. I have a 9600 series AGP/128mb card. PS If you try it, DON'T down load Catalyst Control Center! I think CCC was causing most of my problems to begin with. Also be sure to pick 'Application Preference' EVERYWHERE in the advanced settings.... After I did this I had NO vid card issues with the game. good luck.
  8. Ahh, so you don't deny being my little nose-goblin then?
  9. Well my little nose-goblin, that's 'cuz you're special. :D
  10. ... why does this friggin' game run like crap on everyone's computer?
  11. If OE & LA don't release a patch, what will you do? what will you do? <--- man, I really like this smiley.
  12. George Lucas died in 1982, since then, all his public appearances have been accomplished through a fiendish combination of animatronic puppets and stew meat.
  13. Are you SURE you need the patch? I just ran my KOTOR2 updater and here's what it had to say on the subject:
  14. Which must mean that ATI finally fixed the rendering context problems in their drivers. Was about time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I guess. All I know is CAT 5.3 is the ONLY driver I've tried so far that lets me play the game without lock-ups. Woo HOO! :D PS You know, after all this trouble getting the game to run, I'm kinda disappointed with the game itself... It's sorta like a REALLY bad anime DVD. I think I'll go play Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich! ... while I wait for CONTENT patch.
  15. Sounds like a bug to me. Do you have any 'missing' party members? I had a similar problem on the fuel station after I 'lost' T3. Your best bet is to start from an earlier saved game and keep your fingers crossed that the bug doesn't occur again.
  16. Umm, no. BUT I'm pretty sure playing the game again will require a re-install. " PS update your vid card driver.
  17. Okay... Hey, did I mention the new catalyst drivers are working for me? :cool:
  18. I WAS getting random crashes and HARD REBOOT LOCK-UPS, but after I DLed the latest catalyst drivers from ATI, not one problem! (w00t) Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE NEW CATALYST CONTROL CENTER! ( what a piece of CRAP that is... ) As a matter of fact, if you have any version of CCC installed, GET RID OF IT! Just use the original ATI control panel you got with your card and the NEW drivers only! Oh yeah, be sure to set VPU recovery to 'on' and pick 'application preference' EVERYWHERE in the advanced settings 3D tab. Worked for me... :D
  19. link doesn't work... to many '//' <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A link truly worthy of this game! PS I contacted Obsidian about the faulty link. This was their official response:
  20. Really? Then why are you wasting your time in a tech-support forum? My God man! What a horrible life you must lead... (w00t) I just have a broken game. I pity you.
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