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  1. Thank you guys so much for the speedy replies. I'm very happy this is not a bug. I won't be able to try this out til tonight, but am really excited to continue playing. Thanks for understanding my confusion / lack of experimentation.
  2. I can not advance through the game. I received the letter from the girls and was directed to go to Photo Dojo to get a passport photo, then "head north" to get the letter translated. I went to photo dojo, fought the pedophole, and received my passport photo. Whether I try to enter the forest to the east of Kenny's house or try to "head North" through the farm, all of the entryways are still blocked by rats. I purchased SP: Stick of Truth throught the Playstation Store on a PS3 on the game's release date. After installation, I installed a suggested update. I did not start playing until after the update. Thanks.
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