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  1. Knowing that the map's simply screwed up has emptied my care cup a whole lot, and I'm sure as heck not going to grind wild dogs / parking meters for enough money to buy all the stuff in Canada.... Perhaps on another playthrough with a different class. Thanks anyway, dvoulcaris & Bree!
  2. Some of these are from Canada, where I haven't bought much from the stores. Any suggestions for how to earn money more quickly than wild dogs in the forest?
  3. As for the school - the front door is locked, but I've been through the Faculty Only door at the back again, as well as an in-depth check outside, and didn't find anything else. Ideas there?
  4. I have all 30 of the Chinpokomon already, and I bought everything from the shop at Kyle's house, so it must only be actual equipment. Thanks for the suggestion of the King's Forest, I found the Shocking Staff and a badge in there. I already found the treasures: -in the tent by the shop -in the tube at the left side -in the tent up the ladder and I even made sure to pick up all the consumable items just in case. So there are still 6 more according to the map. Pretty sure the garage & house is clear, unless Ike has a room hidden somewhere? Or is there any way to get things from Kyle's closet?
  5. I'm also trying to wrap up the entire equipment list. The map lists 3 treasures at the School and _SEVEN_ at Kyle's House (not in the shop). Any ideas?
  6. The tutorial on how to use Nagasaki is incorrect, at least for the PC version using an xbox360 controller. Here's how it has to be done: Right Stick down Right Stick Up move left stick around until it shakes the strongest hold left stick there ??? Profit!
  7. I beat the game with Mage, I used all my gear - ranged weapon, melee weapon, helmet, torso & gloves, all to boost my Abilities, didn't use them for physically attacking or for armor. The 4th Mage ability was a instant kill on everything but the bosses. I suspect some other abilities are just as good, depends on your character build. It doesn't have to be about who has the bigger stick
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