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  1. Currently when you use a Full attack with dual wield, it attacks with each weapon one after the other. However you can interupt the 2nd hit and do something else instantly because the recovery starts after the 2nd hit, not the first. You will still get the first hit worth. Basically, you can transform your full attack ability into a normal attack ability at the same cost and with no recovery. This can be used for example to apply several debuffs from full attacks(rogue abilities like crippling strike and blinding strike) or to "dump" your class ressources to do very high damage bursts sinc
  2. That's what I thought too but I tested various areas because of this. That's why I changed my level on the boat and not on the beach when I used the console, and after checking the beach, I went all the way to the digsite. It's possible the entire island is one single non scaling area though but I don't really want to bother doing the whole thing(although I guess it wouldn't be that long maybe I'll check tomorrow). This post also comes as a reaction to my experience when I entered the Oathbinder Sanctum or whatever(quest just southwest of Neketaka) on my 2nd save after I restarted in that
  3. Yeah I saw a reddit post about scaling issues just now and it said that but the guy was saying the same thing, their accuracy is the same. Basically the option doesn't do anything so doing all quests will still outlevel you and you'll still stomp everything even more than you would usually. But eh at least you can't see if something is higher level than you anymore so you can run into a lvl 15+area at lvl 5 and get one shot, so that's different than choosing no scaling /s.
  4. For all in all cases. I tested the panthers because I assume they're part of the critical path, since you need the notes in the digsite for the main quest, although technically I think you might be able stealth past them. I also tested the boars on the beach at the start. I increased the level in the boat, in case it checks when the island loads or whatever. I also have 2 "main" saves further in the game after clearing Neketaka and both are lvl 10 in the same area(the oathbinder sanctum) as that's where I decided to reroll my first char because it was too easy, but both show the same resul
  5. After restarting a game to get level scaling on, I noticed it didn't seem to make much of a difference, so I decided to try to figure it out using the console. I made 3 new characters, all the same stats(18 might/dex/per fighters, tanked resolve, few passives taken other than defensive stuff, 1H damage using axe, most of the other stuff is random crap that does nothing). On one character, I used Berath blessing and was lvl 4. This was the non scaling character. As expected, most enemies were tough to beat solo(I left companions out of the tests) and getting to the panthers encounter in
  6. The only issue really is that when scaling only up is on, the game basically should behave the same as if no scaling was on. Stuff that's lower doesn't have a difficulty indicator and that's fine because it doesn't need one, and stuff that's up doesn't get scaled so it should display the same as normally. But I guess it has to do with scaling only up coding somehow still scaling stuff that's higher, then rechanging it back to what it was rather than leaving it. It does make for a pretty poor experience when you can't tell if you're entering a lvl 15 area at lvl 5 or not, especially with th
  7. Since the modding stuff was released(see reddit frontpage) and lets you use the console without messing up your achievements, you can kinda fix this by yourself by giving yourself the abilities. I just did it and it seems fine, I respeced then added the watcher abilities and the skill trainings I paid for back, relaunched the game normally and it didn't seem to affect my ability to get achievements. I'd assume it'd work the same for chanter stuff but my issue was different since I play a Cipher.
  8. Slightly related but not nearly as annoying, if you respec a Wizard who has learned spells that you have currently in your spellbook, the spellbook won't give you the spells back after the respec, they're removed when you respec. This is however easily fixed by simply re-equipping the spellbook, and the spells re-appear.
  9. Can confirm having the same issue. Lvl 8 Beguiler Cipher, if I respec I lose my 2 watcher skills(Mien of Death Herald and No Pity for the Lost) as well as my 2 trained skills stuff I bought for 3k each. I do seem to retain my starting spell so that's something I guess. I tried resting first, tried in an inn and a random shop, tried moving the character in first slot, tried several times to see if it was random, nothing worked. Edit: The other skills are Geirvard's Training and Granis' Training, which give +1 to Arcane/History and +1 to Survival/Athletics.
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