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  1. BTW -- I didn't see anything that said the Bellower gets phrases slower. I think they gain phrases at the stock Chanter rate (unless I missed that). Thanks for replying! To clarify, I meant only that the 6 second per phrase pace that is normal for Chanters feels very slow if the class is intended to be something of a chanter ascendant.
  2. Bellower. I don't get it. What is the "role" the bellower is supposed to fill. Is he primarily a caster? Is he support or is he DPS? What about his slow rate of gaining phrases. Can someone help me understand it?
  3. Thank you kindly Obsidian! :D
  4. Well it is unfortunate, but it does by now appear to me that there will be no beta release today either.. Oh well. I suppose it's good they're taking their time ot polish the game to a real shine. But I really wish that we get to at least get a glimpse at the new stat-changes if nothing else...
  5. I think another beta build before release would be great, not considering the actual bug-chasing etc but for word of mouth to be more shall we say... accurate... to the state of the game on April 3rd. I read Josh tumblr above where he says this is all coming soon and that sounds great... But I would really like to either have a date in hand for a patch or to just come home to the pleasant surprise of Steam having downloaded it.
  6. The forums keep eating my fast-replies. I may be new to the beta but: BAD: casting/recovery simply MUST change. The game is just not FUN for a caster-type right now. Everyone is saying it and I must repeat that it has to go. Good: As ever with Obsidian, the writing is amazingly good. And multiclassing is awesome!
  7. My text got eaten somehow. I ran into a weird bug where when I got to the cutscene beginning with "You pushed her", the text of the cutscene was doubled, overlayed on each other. Once the cutscene ended, my UI did not return. I could move and auto-attack but nothing brought back the UI and I eventually killed the program in task manager. I sadly have no clue what might have caused it. I was a priest/wizard at level 6, if that matters?
  8. Ever since the patch, I've been unable to run the game. When I start up I get the "start screen", with the choices to update, launch etc... But once I click play, the start-screen closes itself and I recieve an error message that reads "Original disc could not be found or authenticated" - Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you!
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