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  1. I am playing PoE the 2nd time around, and I am really impressed by the changes they made to the Stronghold. It is much more immersive than the original rollout and it makes you feel like you want to fight for it and protect it at any cost possible. I think a trophy room and zoo would be a beautiful idea indeed!
  2. I love the open wilderness areas of BG1 and I wish we can have something like that in Eora. Why does each area on the map have to have a specific purpose for the game? Why can't I just stroll around, maybe find some spectacular scenery around. Or maybe some plants that I require tend to be abundant in such regions. Maybe encounter some interesting characters (but without any quests)? IMO, not everything should be designed as to give you XP and quests or mob encounters.
  3. So after I got White March Part 2, I got this quest. But I can't enter Defiance Bay. I went to Aedelwan Bridge and it all appears normal but I can't go inside. An Icon of "no entry" appears and I'm stuck outside. Is this a bug or something else?
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