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  1. Not 100% guaranteed. Use at your own risk. I finally got around to this and used a batch script on the directory contents and somethings might have been chopped off (I caught and manually fixed the list here for accomplished_athlete, scale_breaker-talent, and transcendentsuffering since the levels were originally axed as separate substrings because of whitespace) Some things may still be in Unsorted section, especially if they didn't follow a standard naming convention and I was unsure about categorizing them. Armor Cloth cloth_outfit_aedyre cloth_outfit_dyrwoodan cloth_outfit_dyrw
  2. Okay, see now that's funny. If anything the joke is aimed at the Firedorn. And because he slept with a man in drags, not a transgendered dude. Start seeing where are we coming from already? Furthermore, the man Firedorn slept with didn't even have to be in drag necesarily. Firedorn could have been drunk, pranked by an illusion spell, whatever ... and the person who dies is Firedorn.
  3. No one has it as easy as minorities. Lucky Duckies! I'm a minority and I've definitely put up with trouble because of it but it would be stupid to suggest there aren't people who abuse whatever angles they can. In life, we all face situations where we have certain advantages and disadvantages that change depending on context. Censorship is never the answer for promoting equality. Censorship is abuse.
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