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  1. I think in a lot of cases, knowledge turned out to be too much power. Encounters could go from impossible to trivial with the right spells (the Demi Lich, for example). So tactics mostly amounted to figuring out how to shut down the enemy mages and letting your fighters beat the crap out of everything. A lot of the rest was about exploiting AI weaknesses. For example, efficiently combating Timestop was a matter of summoning a level 1 monster to be the closest ally to the enemy caster at the start of battle. I jumped into PoE directly from a playthrough of BG2:EE (I'm 3/4 of the way thr
  2. I'm surprised no one mentioned Tenuous Grasp. Unlike Eyestrike it's single target, but rather than simply blinding them it takes the enemy out of the fight entirely for a few rounds, and they end up wandering off. I've found this is great both for getting a random mob off the mage (I'm looking at you, Shadows), and for easing the crush on the tank during the first charge. Personally: Level 1 Tenuous Grasp Mind Wave Antipathetic Field Level 2 Mind Blades Psychovampiric Field (good if you're a melee cipher) Recall Agony Mental Binding seems like a great crowd control tool th
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