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  1. 1: There's nothing in the poem that shows a trans person was involved at all. Was it two men, badly drunk? Was one of the men a man dressing up as a woman? Was it a transwoman? Who knows. It's left up to the reader's imagination. 2: Regardless of #1, nothing about the poem was misogynistic, let alone "TRANSmisogynistic". It was an ever so slightly salty poem about a man who got really really drunk, did something he regret to insane levels, and jumped off a cliff. It's not real. It's a silly salty poem that fits the theme of the fantasy world really well. If you think THAT was bad, then wait
  2. 1: It's not transphobic. It's mildly amusing though. 2: Being offended is something you are allowed to be. You have two solutions; Ignore the things you find offensive, or B: Be, and remain, offended. 3: I find censorship offensive, therefore censoring something would offend me. Is my offense at your desire to censor, less important than your offense at a mildly amusing poem? Also, below I will re-quote my reply in the other (now locked) thread. NOTE: The below was in response to somebody complaining on Twitter (Their twit handle is @icequeenerika), and not in response to the OP of this
  3. The professionally offended sticking their snouts in again for that sweet-sweet satisfied feeling that they had POWER ("wow!") over a person/company by getting them to censor things they pretend to be offended about. And given this same offendotron that started this latest set of victimhood chasing offense has tweeted things like the below in recent months; "Now that I know how to file my nails to points I should turn them into weapons so I can #killallmen more effectively" "cis men. They don't get what really matters like usual" "generally it takes me at LEAST three tweets to work up to
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