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  1. Haven't been to the cinemas in years and not intending to go back any time soon. Easier to watch (the latest) movies at home. I also have a 100 Mbps internet connection so no problem downloading or streaming stuff.

  2. On 5/23/2021 at 7:15 AM, Hurlsnot said:

    Army of the Dead had a fantastic first 15 minutes. I haven't finished the whole thing, because it is super long, but that first bit was perfect. 

    So far though, these folks don't do a great job of watching each other's backs.

    At the very start when the truck is leaving with the cargo through the gate...

    There are two ufo's that fly off.

    Also, I wonder how the robot zombies figure in with this. Perhaps robots in disguise.

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  3. This is personal. Now I'm angry.

    Neeson fills a niche of good action movies. Good but not great. Unlike Nic Cage, Bruce Willis and other over the hill ex stars, Neeson movies are still usually decent. Looking forward to this.


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  4. It wasn't just the media that Facebook blocked. FB blocked Government websites, various State Government Health Departments (during a pandemic), the Bureau of Meteorology, Local businesses including law firms, Support pages for various people like victims of domestic abuse and so on. Facebook went mental and FB had to re-instate some of these pages.

    Facebook reinstating health and safety pages but government says damage to reputation has been done.


    Their decision to block Australians' access to government sites — be they about support through the pandemic, mental health, emergency services, the Bureau of Meteorology — was completely unrelated to the media code, which is yet to pass through the Senate

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  5. Some YouTube comments.

    Texans are now learning that water can be a solid. Knowledge is powerful.

    Republicans have always wanted America to return to the glory days of the 1800s. Congrats, objective achieved

    Q: What did Texas use before candles? A: Electricity



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  6. If you're getting your news from Facebook then you're doing it wrong. This is a good thing. In reality, it's a case of Facebook having a tantrum and the Australian Government isn't budging one inch. But it is funny to see Facebook cancel a country and wipe out everything.



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  7. On 2/13/2021 at 3:46 PM, ShadySands said:

    We're looking at solar panels as well but they're pricier than I expected

    Been doing quite a bit of research. The solar panel company that we're going with was just here running through the numbers. We didn't need a big inverter system and we don't have a lot of roof space so went with what we have. It's a $5000 system and will pay itself off in 3 1/2 years. We'll be going ahead and saving 75% off our electricity costs. Will be good to pay around $100 per quarter (approx $30 per month) instead of $450 per quarter for our electricity.

  8. Finished watching For All Mankind. This was great. It's an alternate timeline where the Russians get to the moon first and the space race doesn't end and eventually both Americans and Russians have a moon base each. A lot of historical footage used from the likes of JFK, Nixon and Ted Kennedy. They play on how the Russians had the first man in space as well as the first woman in space. The woman aspect is well done with the Americans playing catch up. And then it turns to the race to get a base on the moon first. The science is pretty accurate, even with the ice on the moon.


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  9. 13 hours ago, Pidesco said:

    That's a lot of electricity. Last month I used 3132 KWh. I guess your house's insulation truly is godawful. My house isn't as ancient as yours but it is still 60 years old and the walls haven't been fully renovated since, so my house isn't exactly well insulated. It does have a new roof and good windows, though.

    Wow. I just looked at our electricity bill and for the last quarter (90 days), we used 1241.8 kWh. In two months, you would use more than what we use in a year. My gf and I often think we use too much electricity and looking at solar panels to offset our electricity.

  10. 1 hour ago, Theonlygarby said:

    Quick google search says 1 trillion.  USAs is 3 trillion and they give nothing to their citizens.  

    There is more debt in the world than there is money.  It's pretty much just monopoly money at this point.

    That's right.

    Gross government debt is forecast to hit $1.138 trillion in June 2024. Net government debt will be $966 billion.


    But that's okay because we're having the economy tick over with $1500 per fortnight going to employees to keep them in work and $1100 per fortnight going to the unemployed.


    The federal government will pay eligible employers $1,500 per fortnight for each eligible worker, about 70% of the national median wage, as long as you had a turnover of less than $1bn that have lost 30% or more of their revenue compared to a comparable period the previous year (2019). Can be sole traders, full-time, part-time, or long-term casuals employed on a regular basis for longer than 12 months as at 1 March 2020.

    If an employee has been stood down, their employer must pay their employee, at a minimum, $1,500 per fortnight, before tax.

    This means that employees of businesses that shut down due to various restrictions – such as cafes, restaurants, theatres, casino workers and the like – will continue to be paid even if they are not working.


    What we've seen is prices remain the same in supermarkets. People continue to spend money for essentials and workers continue to go on holidays throughout Australia (which helps with tourism), though most mainly stay in their own state as state borders go up and down like a yo-yo.

  11. 9 hours ago, Gfted1 said:

    What! Only another 2T!?!?!? He better come bigger than that weaksauce. 


    9 hours ago, Guard Dog said:

    Spend more.... More.... MORE.... MORE!!!!  Collapse the dollar, hyper inflation, $1k loaves of bread! Let it all BURN. BURN! 

    If Australia can afford 1 trillion and give people up to $1500 every two weeks, then why can't America afford 2 trillion? We don't have $1k loaves of bread. You can buy bread from the supermarket here for $1.30



  12. Gotta love drinking Google's tears.


    "Google has decided to hide some Australian news sites from its search results, in a move that is being interpreted as a response to the Australian Government attempting to make the tech giant pay for original news content."

    "In early December 2020, the Australian Government tabled legislation that will force Google and Facebook to pay news organisations for access to their journalism."

    "Under the code, media organisations can bargain with the digital platforms for the amount charged per piece of content. If the bargaining is unsuccessful, the decision goes to arbitration. A panel of arbiters can make a final decision."

    "The mandatory bargaining code is the result of many years of complaints from traditional media outlets that social media platforms pay nothing for the work of journalists but make millions of dollars through advertising."

    "Google should pay for content, not block it."

    Google has accounted for this benefit: it estimates the referral traffic was worth $218m to publishers in 2018.

    "For every $100 of online advertising spend, $53 goes to Google, $28 goes to Facebook, and $19 goes to other participants,"

  13. 12 minutes ago, Gorth said:

    the Oxford/AstraZeneca seems to be way less efficient than hoped at the time of ordering those?

    It seems spacing the doses may be more effective. Some more AZ twists... From the Guardian


    "Second shots of coronavirus vaccine could be delayed even further amid growing evidence that spacing out the doses improves their effectiveness."

    "Evidence now suggests that spacing out doses of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine may be more effective at protecting people. Clinical trials revealed the efficacy of the vaccine was substantially higher, at 90%, in a subgroup of people who received half a dose followed by a full dose, rather than two full doses, which had an efficacy of 62%."

    "People who had the half dose then full dose were those who were vaccinated at a longer time interval, roughly six to 12 weeks, and what they’ve seen in their data is that people who have the second dose later probably have a three times higher antibody level than those who were vaccinated earlier"


    One wonders why The Guardian is so slow coming to this understanding. Data backing this up was included in the UK regulatory approval for AstraZeneca, published 30 Dec. Reporters do need to read beyond the first page to get the scientific rationale for greater spacing of the doses.

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