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  1. After the new patch a sabre is not stronger than a fine sword. Was this intentional or is this a bug?
  2. As I don't have too much time for gaming I started playing the easy difficulty. I think it is too easy and there are not enough enemies. Boss fights are OK though. There I have to really manage everything and that is alright. So I guess I would like to have much more enemies but around this difficulty. What worries me is that in easy mode you have 6 camping supplies and in normal mode you have only 4. Normally I would start to switch between difficulties. Change to normal and if it gets too hard switch back to easy. Now I'm worried that I will lose camping supplies while switching.
  3. You wouldn't have to use it if you didn't like it. That's why I would like to have it as an option. Fallout did have quests that triggered at night so there you really needed this feature. Is there something like this here? If story-wise a quests needs to be at night the game can fast forward and then back. Apart from braking in to somewhere or chasing ghosts, why would you adventure at night when you could do it at day? I never liked the day-night feature in any game. And the problem is, even if I manage to rest and start an area during day, time goes by too fast while just walking around and then it gets dark.
  4. I'd like to request the option to disable night and day. I don`t know whether there are quests that trigger only at night, but hopefully not. You know, my adventurers like to adventure during the day and sleep during the night like normal folks. I hate to run around in the dark. The game looks quite good and I miss all that because it's always dark.
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