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  1. You will probably have to ask Gog for that information. I also have the Gog version game. Link: http://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity/pillars_of_eternity_has_been_updated_to_version_103/page1
  2. This would be good, I also was looking a way on the option and didn't find one.
  3. Thank you Obsidian and Paradox for the Fine big meal we have today it's been a while .
  4. Played 33 Hours and hit levl 6,mind you dont get xp killing monsters once you complete its lore task. I been doing the Endless path dungeon so monsters are the same except for level 9 which I just reached today. Also I been playing under the Path of the damned diffuculty which requires lots of pausing and micromangement on battles and hit and run tactics and ambush them when alone.
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