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  1. I just cleared the third level of the Endless Paths and there is a random statue there. It says something about leading his men into battle carrying a gleaming sabre. I went out, bought a sabre, and even with it in my inventory nothing is happening. Does it need to be a fine sabre or am I completely missing something? Or is it just bugged?
  2. So I just looted an item "Nature's Embrace", which reads "Spell Holding: Woodskin: Grants Woodskin". I have a similar item "Ring of Searing Flames", which reads "Minor Spellbind: Combusting Wounds: Grants Combusting Wounds". For the second item, it showed up immediately in my action bar as a talent would, but for the first item I the spell does not appear to be showing in the same way. I thought perhaps that maybe you just gain access to it and use it against your spells per day allotment, but that does not seem to be the case either. Could someone please explain?
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