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    3D Design and Animation, Animated movies and Cinema in General, Comics, Sailing, Books, Videogames, AD&D, <br />Architecture, History, Biology, Wine, MotorBikes, Landscaping. Ancient and Medieval Warfare, Arms and Armour , Sci-Fi
  1. Grrrrrrrr Hordes of the Underdark was *awesome* and yeah the kobold was actually funny, a good and usefull companion throughout the game. I didn't think bad about Bastila, not at all. Did she betray? yes. was she a snitch? no.. not at all!! as for begging and everything, oh well when knights brake it's bad they carry this in their soul for the rest of their lives and seek redemption like Lancelot and Guinevere. K2 is a great game no matter what some people say and although slightly lacking in content (in volume as if our machine couldn't handle it) the story was nice and overall they kept the standards high.
  2. Exactly, it is just that most people feel/learn better having someone experienced showing them the way. It's like taking a shortcut i think.Only not a real one, as you still have to work hard earning the degree. Like with many professions nowadays you need to keep in touch with what's next as things move real fast.Especially with fields like Game Development as trends and technologies change all the time.Let alone that you need to be real flexible to fit to the workflow of many different types of projects.
  3. I love to make cool environments characters and mobs.Designing weapons and armour is cool too so I guess an Artist position would be great.but since i live on the other side of the world well it's kind of difficult i guess.. http://yiannisk.myphotoalbum.com
  4. I wouldn't say do not study if you were to become a programmer under any circumstances. I would seriously think of it if you were to become an artist. I have not finished my studies yet i see that very few of what i was tought worth paying for. What i enjoyed and found very usefull was of course Drawing, Art History(as it gave me a broad perspective of art), Graphic Design.. the rest was pretty much without significant value to me. Not because i was not very interested but because of the value of the teachers. That doesn't mean i didn't study though.I got many books on lighting, architecture, lighting, animation and life drawing, as well as technical stuff, like rigging tutorial DVDs etc. and I keep contact with forums to stay on the edge. I would suggest to an artist to take seminars and work hard at home drawing modeling animating build a portfolio.But you need to be able to understand where you lack. If you can't you better find a good school and they will know what you need to know. I'd say a good program worths something close to 2 years on the line but it's not quite the same. As in many studies particularly though in Art related studies talent can't be replaced.
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