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  1. As it is, perception and resolve are obvious dump stats for every class. Also, having damage and healing depend on the same stat is probably not the best of ideas.
  2. Intellect appears to increase the duration of DoTs significantly (even though it isn't marked on the tooltip) in addition to increasing AoE radius, so it's probably fine as is. Does it also increase the durations of HoTs and buffs and the AoE radius of auras and chants? If that's true, then this stat would become very interesting. Perception and resolve, however, seem to be dump stats for every class, and might is probably too powerful, seeing as damage and healing both depend on it, meaning the party healer is also capable of inflicting large amounts of damage on enemies without having to make any tradeoffs in terms of attributes (This might also mean that the optimal way to min-max is to always roll Aumauas). One way to balance this would be to move healing bonus to resolve and ranged weapon damage bonus to perception (or add something like initiative or armor penetration to it).
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