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  1. Dear Developers and Testers, When leaving map Od Nua lvl8, I have got a hireling hiring opportunity event (hiring an Aedyran Noblewoman). I have immediately opened the stronghold screen and hired the Noblewoman. Then i have went to the Keep where I found the freshly hired Noblewoman in hostile state. Sadly I have only a save file after the recruitment, so I cannot give you an easy to reproduce test case. You can observe the hostile hireling by opening the save file and proceeding into the keep (see picture). I have used the v530 (GOG) version of the program. I packed the files you asked: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vkt8wbwhv7v494t/ver530%28GOG%29%20Stronghold%20-%20hostile%20hireling.zip?dl=0 With best regards, Overander
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