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  1. I dunno, if you are DS you do take alot of lip from your slaves without any chance of retribution. On Nar Shaada my DS Sith Lord said Visas put this on and go dance for hutty over there. Visas gave a ton lip and I was thinking here comes a little force lighting to the head but nothing.... WTF? The exhile is the weakest sith lord EVAH!
  2. Id like to think that the max level 50 cap was intended for a game that had a full development cycle, as opposed to the game will be released in time for CASH-mas.
  3. Lastly its tough to be the 'last jedi' when you are tripping over jedi masters on every world you visit, and your ship is cram packed with jedi masters and apprentices.
  4. Yes. Rather than having a splashscreen and narration to explain what happens to each planet and npc, you have the conversation with Kreia where she looks into the future and tells you what will happen. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So let me get this straight, although Kreia has jerked you around the ENTIRE game to get what she wants, Darth Traya The BETRAYER will suddenly start telling the truth? Fair enough... I guess.... kinda... sorta.
  5. I can only assume this only applies to games that get the 'official' hades RPG, discounting such pieces of rubbish that fail to hold itself to official hades weights and measurements lobby. Im suprised you are not hired out as a consultant so distributors dont put a HUGE stamp on the front that says 'HADES APPROVED' in massive block letters. Maybe in red font because kids these days dont know a savings throw from their elbow. Rpgs have come a very very long way from the goldbox SSI games I was raised on. (Had walk backwards, in 8 bit graphics, of grey scale, both ways) obligatory Oh
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