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  1. Would be interested in this as well. Any updates? Yeah it's been a long time with zero updates. I've read a dev say it's not possible, but that seems crazy to me. The saves are clearly compatible. I've transferred them between devices myself with no problem. Other games use steam cloud and it works between OSX and Windows just fine. Surely it's possible. Uninstalled Pillars from my macbook yesterday actually, because I kind of gave up on this update. Hopefully it'll actually happen sometime though. Until then, I guess I'm stuck playing it at home on my desktop.
  2. I downloaded a 1.6gb patch, then got the "There should be 'PillarsOfEternity_Data' folder next to the executable" message so I verified the games cache. It then said "186469 files failed to validate and will be reacquired." Currently downloading the whole freaking game again. So much for playing the game this evening.
  3. Will this change in steam depots affect cross-platform cloud saves? Still hoping to be able to play on my PC then pick up and play on my Macbook when I'm out. I know it's possible because copying the files from PC on USB to Mac work, but the cloud would sure make things easier. 5gb download has started on my mac. Hoping to see the 1.05 patch show up shortly after!
  4. A bit confused by the support FAQ post I just saw here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71830-pillars-of-eternity-support-faq/ In it, it says... "Cloud saves supported? Yes (across the same OS - they are not compatible across OS's)" What? We know they are compatible across OS's. We've tested it in this thread already. It works fine. Really hoping this gets fixed and isn't just brushed aside with a generalization that they aren't compatible...
  5. I'm having the same issue. Cloud saves work between two different PCs, but not between a PC and a mac, even though the save files themselves are compatible as tested by the USB-drive transfer. Would love to have this working so I can bounce between devices! I know it CAN work because it does in other games, and the USB proves it's compatible. Just has to be implemented on their end.
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