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  1. Actually previous to 3.0+, Greyhawk was in another crystal sphere or DnD dimension. They may have changed that since then. FR was created fully by Ed Greenwood, wife, and friends. --PVR
  2. 3e and 3.5e was only well received cause it pampered the carebears who didnt even bother to try to understand 2e rules(which i still say are the best rules and LAST rules of the once great AD&D) Gygax's ego is almost as big as mine and well diserving AD&D is partially his brain child and only left cause T$R didnt like his attitude for the changes they had going from 1e to 2e(which is also about the same time Greenwood{Elminster Aumar},Cook and the rest started showing up) he might have ego but WotC Hasbro and Atari should atleast have him consulting on the direction of AD&D instead of half guessing and nerfing everything that made AD&D so great if not on NWN2 atleast on anyother AD&D project like D&D Online <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, Gygax got the axe from his wife when she took over TSR after a nasty divorce. Also the Forgotten Realms is a more of a complete realm than Greyhawk. To this day, the Forgotten Realms is ever changing because Greenwood and his DnD companions still play DnD in their realm (the Forgotten Realms). Personally, the only thing Greyhawk has going for it is gun powder while in the Forgotten realms, gun powder is nullified or if you prefer, /dev/null. I have to agree that 2nd edition was better in some ways than 3rd. 3rd edition's combat is a lot more tedious than 2nd edition's.
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