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  1. Actually previous to 3.0+, Greyhawk was in another crystal sphere or DnD dimension. They may have changed that since then. FR was created fully by Ed Greenwood, wife, and friends. --PVR
  2. 3e and 3.5e was only well received cause it pampered the carebears who didnt even bother to try to understand 2e rules(which i still say are the best rules and LAST rules of the once great AD&D) Gygax's ego is almost as big as mine and well diserving AD&D is partially his brain child and only left cause T$R didnt like his attitude for the changes they had going from 1e to 2e(which is also about the same time Greenwood{Elminster Aumar},Cook and the rest started showing up) he might have ego but WotC Hasbro and Atari should atleast have him consulting on the direction of AD&D instea
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