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  1. Perhaps this might be an unpopular opinion, but I feel interupts should be limited to spell casts only. Having basic attacks and physical attacks interrupted makes the game too random and honestly, hard to follow. Does it make sense in real life? Sure. In an RPG? I just feel it takes too much away from the player. Imagine this scenario: A rogue is about to backstab (or whatever) a really low health caster. Just before, she gets hit by an arrow from a ranged creature, and her backstab is interrupted. The caster finishes his spell and kills the rogue / some other party member. While an interesting read, for sure, it does not make good gameplay. In order for classes like the Rogue, and Fighter, to be useful they have to be reliable. Sure, the backstab might not have killed the caster, but at least you know the attempt was made. She gets interrupted in a complex fight, and you may never know, even if the interrupt was easy to read with flashing lights and red text or some such thing. Same thing for fighters, usually the most reliable class. If they are interrupted, then their damaged output is also unreliable. Add to this an already confusing system, such as the asynchronous characters, and it makes combat pretty clunky. If a mage is interrupted, where does their "combat timer" go? What about those three spell casters I just hit with a fireball? Those archers that ran into a trap? Sure, it's possible to display it all as HUD elements, but that just increases the clutter and clunkiness. It's a broken system, I'm afraid.
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