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    Smiting evil, terrible puns, sarcasm, playing and modding all sorts of video games, being bad at that whole "having a life" thing (how am I supposed to do THAT?), occasional insane or otherwise utterly baffling banter. Also, being the most intelligent idiot many people ever become acquainted with.


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  1. *Stares with big, goofy, blank eyes as he bursts into action, reaching galloping speeds of up to 10 meters per minute!* We shall surely forge their defiance into fiance! Also, so many new members as of late! Welcome, to each and every one of you! ^_^ Members and members and members, OH MY! *Spits out some drink or another* T-t-ten meters per minute? That's six-hundred-billion nanometers per hour! YOU MADMAN!
  2. Aye, it's a pretty big spicerack, alright. I think justice may be on there (perfect for cookies), and insanity as well. That one's really tasty.
  3. Justice cookies are tasty.

  4. Haha, thanks for the welcome! Those are the best flavor! Thanks, Molto! ^_^ I agree wholeheartedly, justice is pretty delicious. Goodness knows it's tastier than True Neutrality. Now that's bland.
  5. Behold! A new member joins your ranks, Molto1128, the "Lovably Insane Paladin Lord of the Obsidian Order"! And he brings COOKIES! Sadly, the technology to transfer cookies via the internet is not yet available. Shame. They're really good. They taste like justice.
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