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  1. Even funnier is that you see the Ebon Hawk falling near the end and like destroyed because of that. But then, after Kreia, you see it flying free into space, destination unknown whatever like nothing ever happened before, just like that droid conversation about you deciding about malachor etc etc... " Very very rushed last part of the game, and the game is clearly not complete. Game phucking rocked until you left dantooine for the last time, then it sucked so hard is not even funny. The moment you go to telos, sith ship etc, the game really sucked and disapointed me so much i felt like crying. Speaking of that, someday i will create here a thread regarding my frustration about Darth Nihilus, a caracter i loved so much, being very cool, that mask, my obsession with it and so on, then, i play the game, and wtf was that? Talk about so much potencial lost. It's one of the ways i describe Sith Lords, so much potencial lost, specially after last part of Dantoine i talk above sigh
  2. Name a game that accomplishes this, including a detail of how it does this in case I haven't played it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, not sure if i understand all he means, but maybe the Shenmue games could be a good example for some stuff Hades is saying. People in stores, streets etc had their own agenda, shops had hours to close, open etc and everything was always moving, except the story part. But at least i think the world of Shenmue had a good dynamic in that sense, because all the NPCs had their "own life" in some ways. Both Shenmue I and II were both very open games, you could advance the story or lose yourself in the world doing some trivial stuff like playing in the arcades, battling, gambling etc etc. Maybe a game with a mixture of that, coupled with some sort of background timer (hidden) that when the player didn't make some actions in some time, certain events could be triggered in the game world. Ok, sorry if i sound confusing But well, that would be very difficult to make in the specific case of Kotor II without changing too much regarding the first game. Maybe a better thing to see in a totally "original" title perhaps?
  3. There was also a secret third ending available to PC users who didn't play it on the XBox as well. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I saw 3 endings on Xbox version too, light, dark and the secret one... " Like the others said, people should unite to having a great RPG on both platforms and discuss it etc. This silly wars are pointless and a shame to see. Me and my mates all agree that the differences in KOTOR I Xbox and PC were minimal. For all of us, it was one the games of 2003, or even THE GAME, on PC and on Xbox. We loved it and still today talk about it and all of us are anxious for Sith Lords, talking about what could be etc. And yes, "we" are from europe and we play both consoles and PC, so we all have to wait too, but we don't fight regarding hardware and so on, we prefer to have nerd or geek conversations wtv, about KOTOR I and II that nobody cares except us. :"> :ph34r: Well, i think i made my point, to each their on
  4. Yes, that made the game so much not appealing and interesting on Xbox, it's only on PC that Kotor is one great RPG, heaven forbid us to like a game on a console. And yeah, sure, having both PC and Xbox i will wait till February to play this game, yeah sure... " Unless i live in Europe, but that is not the point.
  5. Regarding some posts of the the thread starter: So, your point is? Another way to say Xbox suxxors and PC rox and "we" are L33t? " Because first you seemed to have some point, but after some words i think not. Regarding the question of leveling up, there is no point comparing different games, specially on that question and in RPGs. Most of the time the level up system is different from some RPG to other, even if they have some foundation like d&d rules. One can have level 40, other level 20, 30, other 255 or wtv, not a big problem for me and again, depends on what the game does with them and the style of the game too. And what made Kotor, and many other RPGs that i love like PS:T, Fallout, BG, Icewind so great, was never, in my opinion, cosmethics and graphics, and you seem to focus too much on that point, or in useless stuff (for this kind of game and RPG) like jumping (unless we consider the power Force Jumping here...). Wrong game perhaps? <_<
  6. Well, it could be for various reasons like your caracter being very good with the force or something like that, but... Another interesting question would be if it's only the Sith that want you, specially seing what happened in Kotor I with all that manipulation and so on, made by the Jedi Order. Not sure what i will do in Kotor II if that happens again, because one side wants to kill you ou whatever, but if the other side continues their quest of manipulating i may end to the dark side or doing my own way (if at all possible of course). In the end, the light side, or specially the republic, seems to always like to use people to their own interests too (again the point, what is wrong or right?), so it could be interesting if that occurs on Kotor 2 again. Damm, maybe i will end one bitter and lonely jedi, who doesn't trust anyone and don't wants to be with other people
  7. I sure it will affect dialogs and sidequests but this starwars you are talking about, so I don't think the latter will be going on. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know, i just wanted to give some examples of gender choices in dialogs and quests, and i remembered those on Fallout II
  8. Hi I just wanted to ask if your gender choice only affects the companions you will have or other things in the game too, like dialogs and quests. In Fallout II you could, for example, sleep with other caracters or join the pron studios if you were a female and so on to resolve some quests :ph34r:
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