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  1. companion conversations are either cut half way through the talking or one companion's lines aren't played while other does, i'm talking about those that r just played while you walking around doing stuff and not actuall dialogue ones. Also , it just happens randomly, footsteps sounds just becomes louder than any other sound in game without messing up sound settings, wtf, this been in game since release! You release part 2 and i come and see numerous pages of issues, what the hell?! this sound issue is only the beginning and i know it without even searching. Encountered other numerous bugs with items also. Fix your **** already! I didn't pay for this and next thing u release i'll think twice before getting it. You created a great game but you let bugs and glitches ruin the experience, damn you guys Soundblaster Z with working set of drivers v2.15.04 , havent had any sound issue whatsoever in 2 years, sound of tripping feet right before traveling screen loads every time, what is going on with the sound?
  2. I don't think they did, just cheked 3.00 and it's still there...unbelievable =(
  3. can some1 confirm the barbarian frenzy and yell abilities getting fixed?
  4. no, along with all the other bugs that came on top with 2.0.1, been over 2 weeks now
  5. Same problem with missing buttons in UI, happens very often, closing and reopening the save\load or traveling window helps but is very frustrating. Its been two weeks and still no hotfix for abilities, White March experience pretty much ruined. I havent been to new maps yet and im not even going to untill all this mess gets sorted out, if not, ill think twice before buying part 2 when it comes.
  6. Also ran into this with ne 2.01 patch, no matter what frenzy wont work even if u spam the button in combat, before\after hitting enemies etc. binded hotkey for frenzy also doesn't work, was hoping to start my White March experience today with the new patch(
  7. I have a somewhat related question to the topic - the story doesn't tell where all the water went? After i finished Act 2 i went to stormfall gorge and discovered that the water is gone and the entrance to the Lle a rhemen ruin was also open. Haven't gone any further along the quest line yet, just kinda sad i didn't get to see any small cutscene with all the water going away or any comments from the party about it
  8. NIce update! pets for Ranger is great, pets being able to scout ahead without being noticed would be nice.I was going to say lets read about the wizard\druid pair but i'd like to hear about fighter classes first. It'd be cool to have a class like a werewolf, not a shapeshifting druid type thing but an actual werewolf, strictly a melee class, overwhelming brutal, berserker kind of thing. Always liked the HULK, would be cool to have one of them in the game, having to sacrifice the control over chacarter in favor of outrageous strenght boost
  9. Yes, and the game will also be sold DRM free through GOG so even in territories not explicitly supported in their local language people will still be able to buy and play the game as long as they understand one of the supported languages. Not to mention that over time there will be fan-made translations for some more languages that will be implemented through mods. Thank you very much for the answers guys, appreciate it!
  10. Did not find any info on these forums(( Will PoE be available for Russia region if bought through steam? Thank you for your replies in advance
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