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  1. I like AngryJoes reviews, I found them to be correct in almost all cases so far and it will be a good boost for Pillars of Eternity if he reviews it favourably.
  2. I've followed this discussion and similar ones, for example in Torment: Tides of Numenera. I can understand the hesitations/scepticism of game designers and gamers about romances. Firstly personal opinions on what constitutes a 'well written romance' diverge widely, but there also aren't many games (I honestly can't think of many examples) which take the matter seriously enough. This is unfortunate because I would argue that relationships, love and sexual desire make out a significant part of our lives and it appears that games STILL haven't quite found their way around to include and communicate this topic in a mature way (for the most part at least). I agree with Kal Adan on the point that Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is a game that I too remember fondly, specifically the romance with Viconia and the change her character/personality went through. I also thought that the Wicher 2 took an interesting route by creating an emotional bond between the Witcher and Triss which then really made the decision at the end of the game much more difficult. I would have really liked to see romances in Pillars of Eternity but hope that there will be other meaningful interactions with the companion npcs.
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