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  1. They do make excellent games, but you certainly aren't alone in thinking that these games could use longer QA periods.. It's a long time problem with Obsidian and Black Isle.. This is a nice piece explaining why they couldn't release their games "when it's done": http://kotaku.com/5968952/the-knights-of-new-vegas-how-obsidian-survived-countless-catastrophes-and-made-some-of-the-coolest-role-playing-games-ever http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/is-it-possible-for-obsidian-to-make-a-non-buggy-ga-421349/
  2. You've played 22 hours.. and now I'm stuck on this goddamn roof. All game progress gone. Please release a hotfix!
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