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  1. I will agree with you Chris that doomed or tragic romance is often more touching and dramatic than 'happily ever after' kind. However do note that this kind of ending, often leaves many viewers feeling unsatisfied with the conclusion. That is why they resort to writing fan fictions or venting at you for breaking their hearts.


    So an alternative would be giving the players a choice to experience both kind of endings in the game. One tragic, the other a satisfying kind. An example of such game? Your very own Knights of the Old Republic 2's Atton Rand with his several possible conclusive outcomes.


    Another thing I feel is that, romance is should never be declared openly or blatantly between the characters. Like you mentioned, it works best by dropping hints or occasional exchanges in flirting.


    Also I thought that Obsidian could use the PC's attributes to provide players with bonus influence points with certain opposite NPCs based on their first encounter and impressions. For instance some women enjoy men with muscular body(strength check). Some prefer intelligent/wise characters(Intelligence/Wisdom check) while others simply like good looking ones(Charisma check)

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  2. What's wrong with Developers posting reviews of other games in their own blogs? Josh may be known for creating mechanics for RPGs, but there is no fault for him to enjoy FPS, Sports, RTS or whatever games and post his own personal thoughts of the game.


    I thought that its interesting to read up on his thoughts and reviews of the modern games we all are getting and will be playing from now on just like any other reviews that is posted by casual gamers like you and I.

  3. You're lucky you got the 360 version as there are plans to be supported from Ubisoft that will come in patches and new maps. The PC version on the other hand is a poorly optimized buggy port, awkward multiplayer interface that is being ported directly from the console(No ability to set passwords, number of rounds, a proper display of network latency ect.) and most of the times the multiplayer games are prone to crashes. So far, no word of a possible patch to fix these issues or even attempt to support the community officially or in the forums. As a result, many old Rainbow six old time clans moved on to other games.


    Rainbow Six Vegas and Lockdown is somewhat a controversy to many old Rainbow Six players which I think you may realize. Rainbow Six is all about realistic tactical shooter game that defines its own genre when it was first released. It was so popular and unique that the game was even featured in the Times magazine I recalled. The game is all about strategic planning and a one shot, one kill motto game. As a result, it had small but growing and extremely dedicated Rainbow Six fanbase that grew bigger as more sequels and expansions were released (Rogue Spear and Raven Shield). However, the release of Lockdown came as a shock to the Rainbow Six community as the game is suddenly geared towards more of an action shooting based game made with console in mind instead of a tactical shooter. Thinking its a mistake in design decision Ubisoft made, the community shrugged and looked forward to the next game which is R6: Vegas.


    When R6: Vegas was released, there was an air of disappointment amongst the community as the game remained as an actioned based shooter. However, the funness behind the gameplay made up for it. (Note, I am speaking in the perspective of a PC user which makes up the core structure of the Rainbow Six community which the first three games were released in PCs first) Despite the fun, the community had to go through endless of frustrations due to a buggy, poorly optimized port and there is not even an option to create a dedicated server for multiplayer! Many are angry but they decided that probably the patches would fix what was left out from the game like SADS. Unfortunately, the patches that claimed to fix the bugs never got them fixed at all and the community were simply given a semi-SADS for multiplayer with no ability to create custom maps. The last patch for the PC fixed some bugs that are considered as low priority by the community that only enraged the loyal PC fans even more. As a consequence, Rainbow Six franchise had lost many players that had stuck with the name ever since its first incarnation.


    I do not know what the gaming industry is currently taking now but it seems they are more focused in providing the console market more than the PC now by bringing games originally from PC to continue its life consoles. However, I feel that its best not to abandon the roots of the Rainbow Six franchise, which is the fans that had stuck to the game for so long only to be abandoned as the game is geared and built only for consoles in mind. Imagine Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, made for PC with the toolset that came along with it that makes up the franchise's fanbase only to have its sequel, Neverwinter Nights 3, made specifically with a console in mind with no Toolset and then to be shoddily ported to the PC. That is what had happened to Rainbow Six.


    Rainbow Six unfortunately isn't the only popular tactical game that became such victim. Another well known Clancy title, the "Ghost Recon" series went through the similiar evolution of the franchise. Perhaps the publishers feels that it is worth to discard the roots of how the franchise came to be in order to attract general casual gamers. But as a result, the franchise had lost its original spirit that it had always tried to strive for.


    Glad you like the game Josh, but I'm sad and angry with the direction the franchise had taken now which something you may not understand since you never stayed with it from the beginning of its birth.



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