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  1. Magic is such a broad term. By definition it just covers all what is supernatural, mystical and paranormal. Psionics or Parapsychology could be vaguely described as a small subset of Magic that deals with "Extra-sensory perception" and "Anomalous operation". More background info on Magic and Psionics at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_(paranormal) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psionics
  2. Positive surprises: Fallout BG Deus Ex System Shock 2 Anachronox KOTOR Silent Storm Bloodlines If I have to pick only one, it is Anachronox.
  3. I bet, that's the reason why most players hate D&D magic system. That and
  4. J.E. Sawyer, I'm curious, how much did you had influence over the IWD2 magic system (spell selection etc.) and spell interface?
  5. NWN was a great disappointment after BG series and all the hype surrounding its release.
  6. Nosferatu also get some interesting reactions, mostly from humans.
  7. Both are excellent games. I choose both over any cRPG/adventure games that has been released after them.
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