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  1. There's a difference between the two. One is used as a story element, discussed by characters ingame, reflected upon so that the player is encouraged to think about it. The other is a few lines of throw-away text that are just there. There's a big difference.
  2. Hi Justin, I've got the updated soundtrack via Steam today. Thank you for the fast fix!
  3. Ok, so by that logic no error should ever be fixed, because it was there in the first place. I hope you live by your rules and don't ever you spell shecking, because, you know, whatever you wrote first is there to stay! So instead they should cave in to people like you and reinstate the content? All the whining here in the thread 'I will never again buy anything from Obsidian' is people trying to put pressure on Obsidian. Thats between Obsidian and him. You don't know how they handled the situation, and it's none of your business to start with. Well, I have my ow
  4. Thanks for calling me an elitist just because I happen to have an opinion that differs from yours Note that I didn't say that all translations are bad translations. I used the phrase 'way to often' for a reason. And that has been my experience. Going back to reading/watching something in German after having read/watched it in English I often stumble over stuff that's been translated incorrectly. And I'm not talking about jokes and word plays that needed to be changed. I get that. I'm talking about proverbs and phrases that were translated word for word. Stuff that seemingly got tran
  5. There's a reason why I always chose an English original when available. No matter if we're talking about games, movies, books, German translations (or maybe translations in general) are way to often just outright bad.
  6. I'm a bit surprised that the music came untagged. And it's not the first soundtrack I got as a Kickstarter bonus or via Steam that was untagged/incompletely tagged. And I wonder why? With the other extras the producers usually show a lot of care. But when it comes to the soundtracks it looks as if they where thinking: 'Ah, whatever, let's throw it out there as it is. Nobody cares anyway.' I just don't get it.
  7. I guess it's 6 GB for the download plus 18 GB for the installed game plus a few gig temp space while deflating files = 36 GB for the whole process, 18 GB afterwards.
  8. But people with that bad an internet connection will basically always get to play games later than everybody else. They don't really lose anything. And, they should have considered going for the physical release to start with.
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