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  1. Missing translation in Polish. Instead of Corrode it should be something like Korozja.
  2. Playing PoE2 with Polish subtitles. Found this description on a map that doesn't look translated.
  3. Playing in Polish there are ligatures missing for Ś and Ż. See 2 screenshots attached.
  4. During Regrets worth trading quest I got a missing string in my journal. It displays [NO NAME]. I play using Polish language. When I switch to English its fine. Check screenshots for comparison.
  5. Ok, I just explored and received exp in location called Forge in the Crucible Keep. Not sure if I've been there before but like I said I got my explorer achievement already. Here's log output_log.txt
  6. I was granted the explorer achievement on steam while playing in WM area which should be not possible as it counts only base game locations. Since I got the achievement I keep getting exp for exploring locations I've been before. My save: http://www.filedropper.com/883f005e-849f-4800-9b2e-d6c7f7746c0fquicksave
  7. I can see a small yet always visible issue with white box next to Sagani avatar. Check screenshot. I can see it since WM2.
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