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  1. I'm also seeing this issue, and even posted up a savegame with the problem. Have not heard anything at all from developers on this which is quite dissapointing as I've sunk 58hours into my playthrough already.
  2. Savegame that boots me back to the main menu when I try to load it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d64grewqsuahn1i/29f9ce180db645daa0fd4a8a1a3993d3%2013314086%20BreithEaman.savegame?dl=0
  3. Yah I don't mind getting auto-updates so much as getting auto-updates without even a news notice saying what is actually getting fixed. Too many games do this with 'hotfixes.' If you're releasing an update, you should be telling me what it contains.
  4. Savegame Problems :(

  5. Not sure how steam options have to do with this. Cloud save doesn't make a difference atm. I tried with it both on and off. When I turn it on it doesn't see any of my saves from yesterday, when it's off, I have to manipulate the saves folder to get it to recognize my save, and when I try to load it as I mentioned above it crashes back to the main menu.
  6. So I updated yesterday and played for a while then saved my game. I now have an Autosave pre-endgame, an autosave endgame, and a BreithEaman savegame all of which will not allow me to load. Then this morning Pillars downloaded another 500mb update. Why? No patch-notes for this thing, no release notes.. Why am I getting a stealth-patch without a patch notice? Now: The 2 autosaves the game made last night do not even show up in the list of saves. If I clean my savegame folder and leave only them, the game doesn't see any saves at all. My manually made savegame before I stopped playing
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