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  1. Same issue for me - about 30 hours in, and the save bloat is getting a little out of hand. I don't mind 20-30 second load times in areas I'll be spending a decent amount of time in exploring and talking, but for screens I'll be spending 2 seconds on, it's actually daunting enough that I don't want to play. Edit: After creating two new characters, I can confirm that the loading time is quite a bit faster (only 10-12 seconds instead), though still slower than I remember it being upon first starting to play.
  2. The past two times I've manually resolved the "Cutthroat Bandits" event at the Stronghold have been just outside the main hall, and both times resulted in every hireling involved in the fight attacking me about halfway through, for no readily apparent reason. Both times I've had to kill all of them (and the first time had a "late" traitor that attacked next time I was at the Stronghold).
  3. Managed to fix the issue by Verifying Integrity of my game cache via Steam. Hope this helps anyone else with this issue!
  4. After getting the common "excessively-long save/load times as you progress", I started alt-tabbing out of the game during said loading screens. So I figure there's two strong possibilities. 1) Alt-tabbed during the load screen, came back in, then crashed. 2) I'd just swapped Sagani back into my party, and she was now 1 level higher than I was (due to Stronghold adventures). I'd attach the error logs, but apparently I'm not permitted to upload that kind of file.
  5. Confirmed for me too - even after shutting down the tower, it's still impossible to get a peaceful resolution in this.
  6. After dealing with a group of bandits manually, the NPC hirelings I had involved in the battle turned on me. I didn't cast an AoE that hit them, and I don't think the bandits cast any spells that would have turned 3 on me at once.
  7. Same - I thought I might have sold it, but then realized that was a regular sword named after him, not the sabre "Resolution". Perhaps a spoiler-tag post instead, so we aren't constantly asking the same question?
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