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  1. The idea of the post at least when I started wasnt related to called shots. Just that critical hits may cause effects that arent just damage, like they hit your eye, less perception, leg injuried -25% movement; finger crushed less attack, bleeding you lose some hp per second, and so on. Few of these effects maybe hard to recover from, needing hard to obtain items or miniquests, or something different to a spell that the party have. As some people said, 'semipermanent' shouldnt be something usual, or it would be boring and a chore, I agree. But if it happened eventually, it should give more deepness in my opinion, or as someone said, in an ironman mode.
  2. Not all cri hits should be "permanent", the idea of effects like just the additional damage, bleeding, stun, perception penalty and the like should be the rule, and grave and very grave injuries the excetion, maybe 10-15% of critical hits.
  3. I'd like that sometimes critical hits mean a "permanent" effect, like a scar, a missing finger or eye, a leg injury and the like. Some of this effects could be heal with powerful magic o healing skils, On the other hand the most severe may be permanent, but it's consequences may halved with the appropiate means.Other ways to make not all severe injuries permanent would be healing them with a mission (to recover a very strange and rare herb that grows in a certain place, or finding a long lost legendary healer,...), or using some items that are limited (meaning that you have to decide using it in one injury or in another). This could also affect to NPC members of the party, and the main character could heal them easier. That could mean that a NPC of the party must retire eventually due to his grave wounds, but since there are more NPC who may substitute him it doesnt mean that the rest game is affected. This would encourage that more NPC are used during the game and make each encounter more intense.
  4. If any of you played Arcanum as an evil character, you could know that it can be funny and make the game quite replayable, it wasn't just changing XP for gold, it gave a new perpective to the history.
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