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  1. D: Other Select both classes at start, but upon level up choose which class to separately level up. There are many interesting ways to make this work, but what Ganrich outlined is what I agree with totally, options are good.
  2. EDIT: The Fig update #1 answered this in the Q&A, sorta: Q: Will the Guidebook Volume II go up as an add-on or on Amazon like the first one? A: We are currently looking into how best to service fan demand for the Guidebook Volume II. We know you want it, so we're going to find a way to give it to you. Hello, I noticed that the Guidebook Vol II isn't available as a pledge extras option, neither digital nor hardcover physical. I would like to inquire if it would be possible for those extras options to be added, especially since the hardcover book is only available at the
  3. I hope that works for people, if it doesn't here is the solution that worked for me: 1. Slowly uncheck the Pillars of Eternity DLCs on Steam DLC content list one by one, each time waiting several seconds for the DLC to go from "installed" to "not installed", Steam will download a small 0kb update every time. 2. Shutdown Steam. 3. Launch Steam and log in. 4. Go to your games library and right-click Pillars of Eternity, choose Properties. In the Properties menu go to the Local Files tab, click Verify Integrity of Game Cache, wait for it to go through the validation process of the
  4. This works! Thank you a thousand times, community for the win! Thank you thank you thank you! <3
  5. Don't lose hope man, hang in there. A lot of us have contacted the support services, they know about the issue and will get it fixed soon enough.
  6. What exact version of the game do you have? Hero/Champion/Royal, did you buy it on Steam or where, did you upgrade it, did you activate a backer key? My version was a Kickstarter Hero edition, I activated it on Steam with my backer key, then I upgraded it to Champion edition on Steam. I see all the DLCs listed, almanac/soundtrack/wallpapers/ringtones etc. but when I go to install them all, Steam only downloads ~20mb of data and only the Cook Book appears in the steamapps/common/pillars of eternity -folder. I suspect the Cook Book works only because it already came with the Kickstarter Hero
  7. Same here, Kickstarter Hero edition, upgraded to Champion edition on Steam, can only download the Cook Book DLC from Steam successfully, all other DLCs are 0 byte downloads and nothing happens. I suppose the Cook Book only works because it was already included with the Kickstarter Hero edition.
  8. Can confirm the bonus content to be missing from my Steam-upgraded Champion edition, everything is visible in the Steam DLC list, but nothing I do initiates a download for anything else than the Cook Book, which is a Kickstarter item that is also available through the backer portal. None of the Steam upgrade bonus content is available, no matter what the DLC list states as their status. Steam simply downloads a 0 byte sized thing and says I've installed the DLC.
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