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  1. Honestly this sucks. Not only Epic Store is by far a worse platform for consumers, it's also WAY more expensive for me. In Argentina at least Steam is really cheap and lets you pay without a credit card. I try to support the companies that make games like Obsidian but I won't back this.
  2. Even worse is that most topics aren't even answered. I understand that they're probably swamped but it nobodies fault but their own.
  3. It seems like the saves are too heavy for the 500k limit of the uploader, I used dropbox. Not that I got an answer anyway.
  4. Close to the exit in the Old City Overlook there're some enemies. When the fight starts, after a few seconds, the game crashes and exits to desktop. I tried reloading from an older save in The Gullet and re entering the Old City Overlook again but the same thing keeps happening. In the rar file I added a save, the bug report, the output log and the system specs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vs0l10edr6ndmbq/deadfire%20bug.rar?dl=0
  5. The game crashed a couple of times but nothing serious until I got to the Old City Overlook. There the game crashes everytime in the middle of a fight (the one I need to fight to get to the exit). In the .rar are the files of 4 of the crashes there,
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