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  1. I tried that - now the game won't launch at all. So I'm trying to reinstall without GoG Galaxy (as I did originally) and the installer freezes every time at about 5%.
  2. Due to getting my copy through GoG, this patch means I have loads more free time. After playing far too much for the last 10 days, since trying to install the patch Deadfire won't even launch and GoG's only advice is to complain to Obsidian and reinstall the game. Delightful customer service there. It was fun while it lasted...
  3. Is there any way to download this without a Steam account? Both the links in the email end up there and I stopped using Steam years ago.
  4. The same happened to me and now the game won't load, it shows the Attackin' Kraken loading screen then goes black and does nothing for over 20 minutes (at which point I force quitted. Any idea how to get the game back?
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