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  1. I almost finish the game, and so far I must admit that Durance and Grieving Mother are very interesting (even if i drop Durance since he anoys me a lot, and it's another proof of the great writting of Mr Avellone). But my favorites are Eder and Sagani. Eder is, like Sylvanpixie sayed, adorable, he's a heart on foot. Sagani is pretty the same as him (that's why I think they are linked by a dialog on Itumak fur ), she is sturdy, yet a mother at heart with a very warm vibe (sorry don't really know how to put my feelings in words, I'm no writter ). Hiravias is... fun, even with is burden (
  2. Just some little words : Thank you Obsidian ! Thank you to give me the pleasure to play a new Obsidian quality game !
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