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  1. Hi, I have checked this several times, and I do not have a download link for White March in my backer portal, nor do I believe that my backer support ever entitled me to that. Looking for a way (like others) to purchase the expansion for my DRM backer version 3.03 Alan
  2. I'm in the same situation... I have the backer version patched to 3.03 and wish to play the expansion. Does anyone know if the expansion sold on Origin will work with the DRM backer version? https://www.origin.com/aus/en-us/store/pillars-of-eternity/pillars-of-eternity/addon/pillars-of-eternity-the-white-march--part-i#
  3. Hi, I have the PC version, not the Mac, but on PC we create new save game files as it is impossible to overwrite an autosave file. Can also use F5 to quicksave and use F8 to quickload. So try creating a new save game and not overwriting the autosave.
  4. I have searched everywhere trying to find out how. Returning to the game after a break, I have the DVD backer version of the game, I have found the patch to update to 3.03, and I would like to purchase the White March expansion. The shop just directs me to the steam shop to purchase this which indicates i need the Steam version of the game to purchase the expansion. I have not ever used Steam and would like to know how I can purchase the White March expansion for my DVD version. Any assistance appreciated. Alan
  5. Thank you very much Aarik, that worked and all patched OK. Appreciate the help and loving the game.
  6. Hi, I have the Backer Version DVD and am having trouble updating to 1.06. I have downloaded the patch but when I double click on it. I get the following error. I/O Operation failed (open) . It does create a txt file called poeupdate106winlog with the following info. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RTPatch Server Software and Data Update System © Copyright 2003-2010. Pocket Soft, Inc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applying DFC Update for 'PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\conversations\00_dyrwood\00_bs_celby.conversation' Error: err0007 - I/O operation failed (open) Any ideas on what im doing wrong or how to update to 1.06? With thanks.
  7. First Fires Ducal Palace,just around to the right iirc.
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