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  1. I love both Steam and GoG with all my heart, but when the chips are down, and barring any significant price differences, I'll use GoG. I like the convenience of just having the game installed without the rigmarole of the Steam library (although Steam's auto-updating does balance this out). And I appreciate what GoG is doing as a company. I pre-ordered The Witcher 3 directly from GoG, partly because it was basically pre-ordering directly from the developer, but also because of their Fair Price package. For those who don't know, when GoG is forced (through publisher shenanigans) to sell a game u
  2. I tend to leave the higher difficulty levels to subsequent playthroughs, at least in heavily narrative-driven games like PoE. I hate being locked off from story content just because I'm too incompetent to beat these monsters. If push comes to shove, I'll (reluctantly; I still have my pride) bump the difficulty down to easy so I can enjoy the story without all the frustration of being rubbish at games. After all, I play RPGs primarily for the story, characters and exploration; the combat is always a secondary concern for me. All of that being said, I will give higher difficulties (or even I
  3. I pledged during the original Kickstarter campaign, and I didn't even realise we were doing this until now! If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to "Sneak Thief of the Obsidian Order". Many thanks in advance.
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