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  1. I think the worst cloth map I got was the one from Icewind Dale 1. It looked like CGA graphics...
  2. I am still waiting for my CE-version to even ship. This is really disappointing. I know we support the developers but I though that we could expect a decent quality of the physical goods in return. If the cloth map is of poor quality, the manual tiny, then there is no point in backing physical tiers anymore. The game is great, but still this leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I will be much more cautions with future Kickstarters... Also it is disappointing that the devs do not react to this... I thought Kickstarter meant to be open and to communicate with the community...
  3. My order of the collector's edition still has the status of "Shipping soon". I mean wasn't the whole point of shipping without the DVD that we would get the game on time? It's April now and my order hasn't shipped yet. Is there any news on this delay? I'm living in Europe but still, come on, what is going on?
  4. I think it depends. If they woud change a significant and important element that was shown one way during the Kickstarter and would suddenly be something different when they release the game, then criticism is absolutely appropriate. When you gave money up front for something that was shown one way they cannot simply change it to something different - at least not without asking the backers first or informing them of the change.
  5. A 3D like, detailed, immersive and animated world map would add a lot the atmosphere and immersion imo
  6. I like the UI if it is the real deal, but I have to say that I am someone who likes to have very few UI elements on the screen. For me Ultima 7 had the best UI as there was no UI on the screen at all This is much more immersive and pulls you much more into the world. Yes, Pillars of Eternity is said to be a spiritual successor to the Infinity Engine games, but a few innovations here and there are ok, imo if it adds to the atmosphere and immersion. I think that the core of the game will stay tru to the IE games even with a minimalistic UI.
  7. Yes, the map should/could use the same technology they use for the areas. This way the graphics style would also stay consistent when in an area and when traveling on the map. This way traveling on the map could look like a zoomed out version of the world which would be very immersive, imo. Adding some animations to it and maybe a day/night cycle would be fantastic!
  8. Wasteland 2 uses such a map, but it may not be the best of examples as it is a... wasteland and aside from sand there is not much to see But there still are birds flying by and dust swirling around. Another example of an animated map would be Blackguards, although it is not really 3D but instead it uses some stylistic approach. But it still is animated with clouds drifting by...
  9. I think the first pic I posted would show best what I imagine. We still have a map as a the map level, but it is much more alive as it looks 3D with all those animated elements. When you look at the pic you see some locations and you can also see the party somewhere in the upper left half of the map. You click on the location you want to go to and a broken line shows the path there. Your party auto travels along the path and you get to experience the atmosphere of the surroundings and the world that feels alive. Panning and zooming the map would of course be cool as then you get the illusion of the world being larger, but it would not be a must have feature.
  10. Just to clarify: the whole map mechanics should not change in the least. Using a 3D overland map or in the case of Pillards of Eternity an overland map that looks 3D it could add a lot to the atmosphere. The map would look more alive with clouds drifting by, birds flying around, trees swining in the wind, waves crashing to the shores by etc. It would be something unique and interesting without changing any of the mechanics. You still would click on discovered locations on the overland map and auto travel there. It would just look a lot more interesting, supporting the atmosphere and immersion. That was the whole idea behind it, to make the overland map more interesting and atmospheric and look unique compared to regular paper maps.
  11. An interesting idea would be something that Age of Wonders 3 did. You have a 3D overland map that you can zoom in and out. You can zoom high above the clouds and then the 3D landscape changes to a 2D paper map. You can see how this looks like in this video at around 1:30: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNozR4h3Y2k
  12. The map of Legends of Eisenwald looks fantastic! I think that such a 3D overland map - or maybe not real 3D but more in line with the "fake" 3D of the game - would be great and something special for Pillars. It would still be the same mechanics like a classic paper map but much more detailed and alive/dynamic. You could see it as an evolution to the map system. It works the same as we are used to but it would look much better, fresh and create a much more dense atmosphere. Just like with the game itself. It uses the classic elements of IE-based RPGs but refines them here and there.
  13. Exactly, by having a world view that feels alive and looks like a zoomed out view you get the impression of this being the world. So you get the illusion of wandering around in an open world instead of looking at a paper map. This could add a lot to the immersion, imo. Also I think that Skyrim is not a good example of a 2D world view/map. It looks too sterile and it feels somehow odd. But the pic I posted above looks like an atmospheric world view I could get lost in and on which I would love to roam around, "exploring" the world while travling to the locations.
  14. Hi, sorry if this has been answered but i couldn't find anything. Pillars of Eternity will use an overland travel system similar to Baldur's Gate/Dragon Age. Has there been a word on how this will look like? Will it be a 2D paper/cloth map like in Baldur's Gate 2 where the party travels on or will it be a 3D map? Personally I would prefer a 3D map, or at least 3D-like so that it matches the style of the game. I could also imagine that if the graphical style of the adventure areas and the overland map would be consistent that there could be some cool zoom in/zoom out out effect so that you get the impression/illusion of travling on one large map/world which is only zoomed out. By 3D map I think about something like this with clouds drifting by, birds flying around, animals roaming around, a day/night cycle, maybe weather effects like rain and lightning etc.:
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