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  1. Hey everyone, mechanics question: for a weapon with a stat or power level buff on it, do you get the buff just for having it equipped in one of your weapon slots, or does it actually need to be in hand? I'm thinking in particular of the axe that gives + to fire ability power levels for a non-melee wizard, but there are probably other cases where this is relevant. Thanks!
  2. I've also really enjoyed Black Jacket / Ascendant. The extra weapons slot means it's not that hard to pick up a fourth if you pick and choose Cipher spells very carefully, at which point you can open with three loadouts of ranged weapons to cap, spam dump your spells (it gets even better once you get psychic scream), and then either duel at range with high dex or swap to a melee loadout and wade in to fight. I wrote a simple AI rule to keep the fighter awareness buff active for the extra perception and aside from that I manage it myself, pretty low key and satisfying. Works well in most fights
  3. I've been saving a folder of favorite portraits so that I'm ready to go on the 8th. Thanks so much for posting all these watercolor conversions Aramintai!
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